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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eat Healthy

MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image - a place setting for a meal. Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate or in your cup or bowl. To learn more about building a healthy place, visit

Visit Camden Community Center's Senior Nutrition Website

Camden Community Center's Kirk Cafe

for lunch menus and nutrition and wellness information.


Kids in Common wants every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, and successful in life!

Kids in Common advocates for policies, partnerships, and investments that improve children's lives in Santa Clara County. The cornerstone of our work is the Children's Agenda, a county-wide initiative working to create measurable, positive changes for Santa Clara County children and families.

For more information including community events and resources,  please visit


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The City of San José provides dumpster service on neighborhood cleanup days once every three years for neighborhoods across the City. Click on the map above to view your next clean-up day. Please contact our office for locations. (408) 535-4909


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August 2014 Mid Month Announcements




Dear Neighbor,

I’d like to give you an update on an important issue that recently came before theCouncil.  On August 5th, the Council debated putting a quarter cent sales tax measure on the November ballot, which, if approved, would have generated $34 million in revenue to the City per year.  Under California law, the City Council cannot raise taxes itself, but it can place a tax increase on the ballot and let the voters decide whether they want to approve it.  That was the question before the Council on the 5th: Should we give voters an opportunity to decide on a tax increase?

Most councilmembers were open to the idea of placing a tax on the ballot, but there was still disagreement as to how the measure should be designed.  My position was that the Council should give the voters the chance to decide on a general tax, which could be spent on any City service; others on the Council supported a special tax that would have been restricted to just public safety services.  I’d like to spend a moment going over why I thought the general tax was the better option.

Supporters of the special tax argued that their proposal would provide assurances that tax revenue would not be spent on employee pensions.  Councilmember Sam Liccardo, for example, argued in support of a special tax by pointing out that residents “shouldn’t be paying more merely to help support a growing pension debt.”  He also argued in favor of adding a provision to the measure that would cause the tax to expire in the event that any unfunded pension benefits were awarded to City employees. 

This all sounds great on the surface, but what special tax supporters didn’t mention is that nothing would prevent special public safety tax revenue from being spent on pensions for public safety personnel.  What’s more, even if the tax was set to expire upon award of unfunded pension benefits, nothing would seem to prevent fully funded benefits from being awarded to cops and firefighters out of special tax
revenue.  The special tax may have provided the appearance of preventing revenue from being spent on pensions, but the reality is very different.

Even Scott Herhold, the Mercury News columnist, pointed out how flimsy the supposed special tax protections would have been in a recent column.  He explains that all a future Council would have to do to circumvent special tax protections would be to reduce funding of public safety services from general revenue, backfill those services with special tax revenue, and then go spend the general revenue somewhere else.  His verdict is that the special public safety tax idea “was a way of selling a tax. It wasn't a well-conceived way of spending it.”

That is part of the reason I preferred a general tax: I thought it was a more honest option.  We shouldn’t attempt to win voter support for a tax on the basis of supposed “taxpayer protections” that don’t actually protect much of anything. Whether the voters approved a special or a general tax, the only way to ensure that money is spent responsibly is to hold future City Councils accountable for making responsible decisions. We should be honest with voters about that fact, not try to provide a false sense of security.

I also supported a general tax because I was worried that we might not be able to spend the entire ¼ cent sales tax on public safety.  The obstacle isn’t that we don’t want to spend money on important public safety priorities, like hiring more police officers, but that we simply can’t hire more officers because qualified candidates don’t want to work for the City of San Jose.  Even now, the City is unable to spend a significant portion of the money we’ve already budgeted for police services because we have so many empty officer positions.  (It’s also important to note that this problem isn’t limited to the Police Department: many City departments are finding it very difficult to recruit staff.)

The solution to our public safety problem is not to dump more money into positions we won’t be able to hire for, but to solve the underlying recruitment problem.  It is now widely acknowledged—even among the Council’s most ardent backers of pension reform—that certain provisions of the Measure B pension reform measure are responsible, at least in part, for the City’s difficulties in keeping police officer positions filled.  One of the problems that has received the most attention are the disability provisions of Measure B, which have caused officers to leave City employment out of concern that they won’t receive adequate disability benefits if they’re seriously injured in the line of duty. 

Despite the clear and obvious need to modify disability provisions and other aspects of Measure B, the Council acted too slowly to place the amendments on the November ballot (a voter approved ballot measure is required to make any changes to Measure B.)  We had plenty of time to put something on the ballot: I first raised the issue in December of last year, and again urged rapid action in March of this year, but we ended up dragging our feet.  It’s not clear to me why the Council didn’t get ahead of this issue when we had the chance.

The end result of the Council’s deliberation on tax measures was that no one measure—neither the general tax nor the special tax—had enough votes to be placed on the ballot.  This lack of action, both on the sales tax front and on Measure B fixes, is very disappointing, as they were our best options for improving police retention and addressing our public safety problems.

If you have any thoughts for me on this matter or any other, please feel free to contact my office at (408) 535-4909 or by email at



Donald Rocha

   Santa Clara Valley Water District Soliciting
San Jose Residents For Appointment To Two Water District Committees

Environmental and Water Resources Advisory Committee:  Advises the Board on policies and issues relating to water supply, flood protection and environmental stewardship. The committee meets quarterly, in the evenings at the Water District. 

Independent Monitoring Committee for the Save Clean Water Program: 
Annually reviews implementation of intended results of the program and reports its findings to the Board.

For more information visit or call the Clerk at 408-630-2277   

Silicon Valley Foundation -The 2014 Elizabeth Anabo BRICC Awards

Nominations must be Received by 5:00 PM on August 29, 2014

Building Resourceful Inspirational Creative Community
This fall, Silicon Valley Community Foundation will recognize creative, resourceful and inspirational neighborhood groups in Santa Clara County with the Elizabeth Anabo Building Resourceful Inspirational Creative Community Awards. Since 2001, the Elizabeth Anabo BRICC Awards commemorate the late Elizabeth Anabo, former senior program officer at Community Foundation Silicon Valley, one of our parent foundations. Elizabeth was extremely dedicated to and passionate about neighborhood groups and made tremendous contributions to them over the four years she worked at the community foundation.  

BRICC awards of $1,000 are given to one or two neighborhood groups in Santa Clara County that have made outstanding contributions to their community. The two categories for the award are seasoned groups and new/emerging groups. Previous BRICC Award recipients may apply two years or more after receiving the award.  Neighborhood groups may nominate themselves. A review panel composed of community representatives will select this year’s BRICC award honorees. The awards will be presented as part of the 2014 Neighborhood Development Conference on September 21 at San José State University.    

The review panel will use the following criteria to select award recipients. Group efforts will be recognized rather than individual efforts.  Nominees should demonstrate the ability to:

Mobilize broad citizen participation
Address significant issues in their community
Make creative use of available resources
Provide opportunities for neighbors to take greater control of and responsibility for what goes on in their neighborhood
Inspire neighbors and others to take action

Nomination Process:
To nominate your neighborhood association, please complete the Nomination Form. Nominations must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 29, 2014 at the address listed below please send or email only one form per group. Email submission is preferred. Send nomination form as a Word document attachment. Within two weeks of the nomination deadline, eligible nominees will be contacted by the review committee.
Please email forms to: Silicon Valley Community Foundation – BRICC Nomination Casey Salm

  Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department


Make the most of Fall with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services and register for a leisure class at your favorite community center. PRNS offers over 800 hundred classes and programs, such as early childhood recreation, dance, music, health and fitness, gymnastics, and theater.

The new and improved San Jose Recreation Preschool will be offered at the Camden Community Center (3369 Union Avenue, 95124) and the Kirk Center (1601 Foxworthy Ave, 95118) The Kinderprep program is for children ages 4-5 and will prepare them for kindergarten through  age-appropriate activities, learning concepts, socialization skills and fun.? The program will be offered at three different times:

The new and improved San Jose Recreation Preschool will be offered at the Camden Community Center (3369 Union Avenue, 95124) and the Kirk Center (1601 Foxworthy Ave, 95118) The Kinderprep program is for children ages 4-5 and will prepare them for kindergarten through  age-appropriate activities, learning concepts, socialization skills and fun. The program will be offered at three different time. For more information and to register go to: Activity Search Page 

Please call Patricia Hall at (408) 794-6670 with any questions.

Download and Print: The current registration form - Fill out and take this form to your desired community center. Click here to view a complete listing of all community centers.

For registration assistance call 408-793-5565 or email

Community Center Volunteer Opportunities
Follow the link to learn more about volunteering opportunities at San Jose community centers 


events banner    

Come Join Councilmember Donald Rocha and the Camden Community Center Staff as we Celebrate Cambrian with a FREE Festival!

There will be Inflatable Bounce Houses, Live Entertainment, Games, Face Painting, Food for purchase, and Cambrian's own School of Rock will be performing! Arrive early to receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last).

DATE: Sunday, August 24, 2014
TIME: 11:00am-4:00pm
LOCATION: Camden Communtiy Center 3369 Union Ave.

 Celebrate Cambrian Festival

Open Space Authority Activities

Registration is required for events as noted. Drop-ins are welcome at all other events. Rain may cancel. Some hikes are several hours long. Please bring water and snacks and dress for the weather. No pets, please. For more information or directions, call Teri Rogoway at 408-224-7476.


Friday, August 15 | 8:45 to 10:45 p.m.

Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve 
Grab your binoculars and join us for an evening of stargazing! Our docent astronomers and folks from the San Jose Astronomical Association will show you how to use binoculars (instead of a telescope) to see asterisms, nebulae, planets and more. Please bring 10x50mm binoculars or larger, a comfortable chair, red lens flashlight, and warm clothes. Directions from Hwy 101: Take the Bailey Ave. exit west, turn left onto McKean Rd., right onto Casa Loma Rd. The parking area is at the end of the paved road on your left.


Saturday, August 16 | 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve 
Join us for an evening under the stars! No telescope? No worries. We have plenty of friendly docent astronomers who would love to share theirs with you. Bring the whole family and marvel at our magnificent evening sky. Families and children are welcome. No registration required. Directions from Hwy 101: Take
the Bailey Ave. exit west, turn left onto McKean Rd., right onto Casa Loma Rd. The parking area is at the end of the paved road on your left.


Sunday, August 17 | 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve
Go in search of the elusive, endangered Western Pond Turtle on this 4-5 mile docent-led hike into the back country at Rancho Cañada del Oro. This is a 5-hour hike, so be sure to bring water and a lunch or snacks. Reservation is required; call 408-224-7476 to reserve your spot now. Directions will be provided upon registration.


Saturday, August 23 | 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Ed Levin County Park, Milpitas
Join docents from the Open Space Authority and Santa Clara County Parks for a family-friendly nature-themed Whodunnit? activity at Minnis Ranch inside Ed Levin County Park. Guests will take a shuttle to the historic ranch complex, where they will be given clues to help solve a ranch mystery. All ages welcome. Registration is required. For reservations, call 408-262-6980.


Saturday, August 23 | 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve
Celebrate the end of summer with the Open Space Authority as we open a brand new trailhead and free public parking area for Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, with family activities, guided hikes, and the best views in Santa Clara Valley! For details and registration, visit

 FREE Outdoor Movies

Sponsored by: San Jose Downtown Association and Starlight Cinemas

Last FREE Outdoor Movie of the summer!

Wednesday, Aug. 20 – “Airplane!” San Pedro Square Market

All events in downtown San Jose. Starlight Cinemas begin with pre-screening fun and games an hour before dusk. Movies begin at dusk. Free to the general public.

Check out

Starlight Cinemas is a production of the San Jose Downtown Association.

San José Public Library’s "Watts The Point" Series Features Program to Create and Maintain Beautiful Lawn During Drought

In response to the emergency drought situation plaguing the entire region this summer, the San José Public Library will host Creating Sustainable, Drought-Resistant Lawns: Landscaping with Succulents and Cacti - part of the "Watts the Point" speaker series of ongoing programs and discussions focusing on energy and natural resources conservation. Presented by the Cactus and Succulent Society of San José, a local organization fostering education, propagation and conservation of xerophytic plants, also known as "succulents," the Landscaping with Succulents and Cacti sessions will provide an introduction to cacti and succulents along with information about how to use them in landscaping and container gardening. These free programs will take place at multiple locations throughout the San José community and include:

6:30 p.m., Wed., Aug. 20, Berryessa Branch Library, 3355 Noble Ave.

10:30 a.m., Sat., Aug. 23, Bascom Branch Library, 1000 S. Bascom Ave.

2 p.m., Sat., Aug. 23, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, 150 E. San Fernando St.

For more information, contact Steven Brewster,







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