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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eat Healthy

MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image - a place setting for a meal. Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate or in your cup or bowl. To learn more about building a healthy place, visit

Visit Camden Community Center's Senior Nutrition Website

Camden Community Center's Kirk Cafe

for lunch menus and nutrition and wellness information.


Kids in Common wants every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, and successful in life!

Kids in Common advocates for policies, partnerships, and investments that improve children's lives in Santa Clara County. The cornerstone of our work is the Children's Agenda, a county-wide initiative working to create measurable, positive changes for Santa Clara County children and families.

For more information including community events and resources,  please visit


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The City of San José provides dumpster service on neighborhood cleanup days once every three years for neighborhoods across the City. Click on the map above to view your next clean-up day. Please contact our office for locations. (408) 535-4909


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 To arrange for a crime prevention specialist to conduct a neighborhood association or group meeting, contact the

 San Jose Police Crime Prevention Unit at:

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November 2014 Newsletter




Dear Neighbor,

In this newsletter I usually write about the substance of the policy matters that come before the Council—what kind of marijuana regulations should the Council establish, how the Council should spend money, what the Council should do to retain police officers. When we talk about substance, we’re talking about what the right answer is to a given problem, and by extension, how the Council should vote when the issue comes forward for a decision.

Substance is very important, but there’s another side to what the Council does: process. If substance is about what the right decision is when the Council gets around to voting, then process is everything that comes before the vote. For example, before the Council can take a vote on a given issue, a council meeting has to be scheduled and an agenda for the meeting has to be set showing what the Council will talk about. We don’t talk about agenda setting with the public very much—mostly because it can all get pretty boring—but sometimes process issues are the most important factor in determining what the Council will end up doing. I’d like to give you an example of a recent process decision that I think will give you a peek into the inner workings of the Council.

The example I’d like to give has to do with the scheduling of a council meeting on November 7th. It all started when I sent this memo to the Rules Committee, a Council committee chaired by Mayor Reed that has the power to set meeting schedules and meeting agendas. I’ve been persistent over the past year in trying to get the Council to address the City’s public safety problems; this memo was an attempt to raise that issue again by asking questions about police staffing and crime statistics. My intent was to ensure that both the Council and the public had access to complete and reliable information about our public safety challenges. The Rules Committee discussed my questions and decided that the best way to answer them would be to schedule a meeting on November 7th to discuss the public safety problem.

The City Council hears regularly from San Jose residents who have great concern about crime. Just in the few weeks since the November 7th meeting was scheduled, residents have taken time out of their day to come to City Hall and tell the Council that something needs to be done. At the October 21st council meeting, dozens of residents from the Evergreen area waited late into the evening to tell the Council about the burglary problem in their neighborhood. After almost 40 minutes of public testimony, the Mayor responded to them by assuring them that the Council would discuss their concerns soon, saying: “We have already agendized a discussion of issues related to what you’ve said tonight for November 7th, Friday morning, nine o’clock, nine to eleven, to talk about crime issues.” We didn’t have a solution for them, unfortunately, but at least we’ve scheduled a meeting to talk about a solution.

Now comes the interesting part. As you are probably all aware, there’s a Mayoral race going on. Funny things tend to happen in the final weeks of election campaigns. In this case, we’ve seen accusations and counter-accusations over police officer retention. One former police cadet has accused police union officials of encouraging cadets to quit the academy. Another former cadet has made a counter accusation, alleging that Mayor Reed’s political consultant offered him money to accuse police union officials of telling him to quit. If this all sounds a bit nuts, it is. My take is that you usually have to wait until after an election is over to sort out fact from fiction.

Mayor Reed, however, hasn’t waited to jump on the issue. At the Rules Committee meeting on October 29th, he proposed that the Committee add an item to the November 4th council meeting that would allow the Council to discuss starting an investigation of the police union. Another member of the committee pointed out that in order to avoid the appearance that the investigation was politically motivated, it might be a good idea for the Council to discuss the issue after election day instead of on election day. In response this concern, the Mayor suggested that the Council discuss investigating the police union on November 7th, and bump the discussion of the broader public safety problem to a later meeting. That’s what the committee did.

I think this process decision about what to discuss on November 7th reveals what our priorities are. In front of dozens of residents upset about crime, the Mayor committed that the Council would discuss solutions to their concerns on November 7th. When allegations started flying back and forth with the police union, however, the Mayor and the rest of the Rules Committee were perfectly happy to break this commitment and discuss our battle with the police union instead. In my opinion, this is representative of the priorities of the current City Council: given the choice between a low-key discussion of solutions and a high-profile fight, they all too often will choose the fight.

I hope this discussion of meeting schedules hasn’t been too boring. I don’t want to get into this level of detail in every newsletter, but once in a while I think it’s important to give the public a window into how things work at City Hall.



 Donald Rocha

 Daylight Savings Time

clockRemember to set you clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night. Daylight savings time ends at 2:00am Sunday, November 2nd. With the shorter daylight hours you may notice some streetlight outages while driving around San Jose. If so, please contact the Department of Transportation at (408) 794-1900 (recording) or email: They will need the street light pole number, address and cross street.

Also, this is a great time to change your batteries in your smoke detectors.

San José Water Use Rules Change with Daylight Savings

Effective November 2, outdoor watering allowed in mornings up to 10:00 a.m.,
hand watering allowed after 3:00 p.m., and watering with sprinklers remains restricted to after 8:00 p.m.

San José, CA – With cooler weather approaching, the time restriction on the use of potable (drinking) water to irrigate outdoor plants and landscaping is changing with the end of Daylight Savings on Sunday, November 2.

Beginning Sunday, hand watering with an automatic shut-off nozzle will be allowed after 3:00 p.m., and watering with sprinklers will now be restricted to before 10 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m. Irrigation with gray water or recycled water continues to be allowed any time of day.

Watering during the cooler hours as outlined in this restriction means less water evaporates and plants have time to absorb more water. 

Local water officials emphasize that every resident and business needs to keep conserving water, even when it rains, because of the drought severity over the last three years.

All other outdoor water restrictions remain in place. San José’s Every Drop Counts campaign expresses the mandatory restrictions as follows: 

  • Be cool — water when it’s  coolest, by HAND before 10:00am  and  after 3:00pm  or with SPRINKLER systems before 10:00am and after 8:00pm
  • Be quick — fix leaks as soon as possible.
  • Be in control — don’t let water flow into gutters or  streets
  • Be a sharp shooter — with automatic shut-off nozzles on hoses
  • Be a sweeper — use a broom to clean outdoor surfaces

In alignment with actions of the State Water Board and Santa Clara Valley Water District, in August, the San José City Council declared an emergency drought and a 20 percent water shortage citywide, triggering water use restriction under San José Municipal Code. All residents and businesses in San José and across the state are asked to reduce their water use by 20 percent.

Become a Volunteer Court Appointed Special 

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley recruits, trains and supports volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) to work one on one with foster children, providing critical emotional and educational support, ensuring that each child’s needs are met and their voice heard while navigating the court dependency system.

Becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Santa Clara County is a truly gratifying and impactful volunteer experience.  Children who have a CASA receive more services (medical, dental, academic etc.) and are less likely to reenter the system than those who do not have a CASA. 

Open House Volunteer Recruitment Event to learn about becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Date: Wednesday, November 12

Time: 6:15pm-8:00pm

Location: Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, 1400 Parkmoor Ave, San Jose

Date:Thursday, December 11

Time: 6:15pm-8:00pm

Location: Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, 1400 Parkmoor Ave, San Jose

For more information about Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, visit: 

 Calling All Videomakers!

CreaTV San Jose is proud to announce the Call for Entries for the 2014 CreaTiVe Awards. Videomakers from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz are invited to submit videos and TV shows for competition in one or more of 10 categories at through November 15, 2014.

Categories include: Business, Citizen Journalist, Educator, Filmmaker, Non-profit, Student, CreaTiVe Excellence (Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer) and Bay Area Public Access TV Series

Important Entry Links:

Award Categories & Descriptions:

Entry Instructions:

Entry Form:

Finalists announced December 8. Winners announced on January 10, 2015 at The CreaTiVe Awards Gala at the California Theatre in San Jose.

Questions? Contact Pam Kelly at (408) 295-8815 ext. 307 or

View Videos on Healthy Living at CreaTV

Health Trust TV is a 12-episode series, about healthy living in Silicon Valley. Visit them all to see the latest video for each, and to obtain all of the accompanying resources. Every 30 minute episodes kicks off with hosts, Adam Morella and Paloma Cano, and is packed with intriguing and educational segments:

Health Trust TV hopes to inform viewers about local health initiatives, and will provide an abundance of resources to help viewers live healthier lives. Health Trust TV is produced by CreaTV San Jose.

All Health Trust TV episodes will air on CreaTV Silicon Valley Channel 30, on Comcast Cable, every Wednesday at 7:00pm PST and Friday 8:30am PST. New episodes will air the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm PST.  


 Hawaiian Airlines / Kristi Yamaguchi Downtown Ice

Nov. 14, 2014 - Jan. 11, 2015

Opening ceremony with Kristi Yamaguchi Nov. 17, 5:00pm

SAN JOSE – Hawaiian Airlines / Kristi Yamaguchi Downtown Ice skating returns Nov. 14 in the Circle of Palms, the heart of downtown San Jose’s holiday attractions.

Hawaiian Airlines returns as title sponsor and Yamaguchi, the 1992 Olympic figure skating gold-medal champion, again partners with her Always Dream Foundation and the San Jose Downtown Association to produce the rink.  This three-way partnership has existed now for five years. 

The outdoor rink at 120 S. Market St. has generated the holiday season merriment downtown for 19 years at three different locations.  Over 100,000 skaters and spectators are expected to attend Downtown Ice between Nov. 14 and Jan. 11.  The rink generates an estimated $3 million in economic impact to the downtown business community each year.

Over the past decade, skaters glide around 32 glimmering palms from which the rink gains its iconic form.  This season, the remarkable “Halo” light show returns for its second year, with lights continuously changing color and patterns.  Two nightly choreographed productions to music take place at 6:00pm and 9:00pm.

Yamaguchi, sponsors and dignitaries will usher in the new season with an opening celebration at 5:00pm Monday, Nov. 17.

During November and early December, Downtown Ice is open 5:00pm-9:00pm Monday-Thursday, 5:00pm-midnight on Friday, noon-midnight on Saturday and noon-9:00pm Sunday.  During the winter break, the rink is open 11:00am-midnight daily.  Special holiday hours apply.  The $13-$17 admission covers skate rental and one unlimited session.  Discounts and details are at  The rink phone number is (408) 291-0525.

Downtown Ice is located within steps of Christmas in the Park displays and Winter Wonderland amusement rides.  These traditional downtown San Jose holiday attractions are paid for in part by the 5-kilomter TiVo Santa Run Silicon Valley, this year on Dec. 14.  So be sure to take part in that fun run, where the contestants in costume all serve as parade grand marshals.  See

Combined with all of the upcoming stage performances, exhibits, places to dine and nightlife, more than half a million people come to Downtown San Jose during the holidays.  Check

Parking information is available at

CONTACT: Rick Jensen, Communications Director, San Jose Downtown Association, (408) 279-1775, x318

  Water District Continues Conservation Incentive Programs

If you have been thinking of participating in one of our programs, call our water conservation hotline at (408) 630-2554 or visit our website ( ) right away to determine if you are eligible and to get started.

Please do what you can to reduce your water use even further. As the weather cools and the days grow shorter, landscapes need less water, so don’t forget to adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

We appreciate all of the businesses and residents who have let their lawns suffer this summer, proudly proclaiming that “Brown is the New Green.” You can get a free lawn sign, while supplies last, by signing up on the website listed below.

Please remember to use water wisely.

  Questions: Contact  Linda LeZotte, Director, Santa Clara Valley Water District (408) 265.2600.

 Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department


Make the most of Fall with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services and register for a leisure class at your favorite community center. PRNS offers over 800 hundred classes and programs, such as early childhood recreation, dance, music, health and fitness, gymnastics, and theater.

Download and Print: The current registration form - Fill out and take this form to your desired community center. Click here to view a complete listing of all community centers.

For registration assistance call 408-793-5565 or email

Community Center Volunteer Opportunities
Follow the link to learn more about volunteering opportunities at San Jose community centers 

events banner

San José State University Theatre Arts Students Illuminate Stories of Vets Returning from Battle

“War Comes Home” dramatic theater presentation draws upon various
media to bring to life experiences of soldiers at war and veterans returning to
their communities

As part of the San José Public Library’s “War Comes Home: Our Veterans, Our Communities” program, the Library and San José State University Theatre Arts Department will present a dramatic theater presentation focusing on issues facing veterans as they transition from military life back to their
communities.  The event, taking place at the Cambrian and Bascom branch libraries, will draw upon literature and film and include storytelling and oral interpretations focusing on soldiers and veterans. 

This presentation is produced and directed by Beverly Mathis-Swanson. Swanson has been teaching at SJSU’s Theatre program since 1989. She has been a recipient of the John Kerr Scholarship for Acting, the Dorthy Kaucher Award for Excellence in Oral Interpretation and Storytelling and the Players’ Contribution Department Award.         

Date: Wednesday, November 5

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Bascom Branch Library, 1000 S. Bascom Ave.

BACKGROUND: San José Public Library was selected to participate in this year's California Reads program, “War Comes Home: Our Veterans, Our Communities,”by Cal Humanities and the California Center for the Book. Taking place throughout Sept.-Nov. and one of the Library’s most comprehensive efforts of the year, the program provides a focus point to think about what it means to come home from war: for the veterans as well as for the rest of the us.  To help the community explore these topics and questions, Karl Marlantes' What It Is Like to Go to War was selected as this year's read and will be read simultaneously throughout California during the program.  Along with the book, the Library is partnering with San José State University and Goodwill of Silicon Valley, to provide a series of programs exploring a variety of topics related to the veteran experience coming home.  Book club gatherings, dramatic staged readings, panel discussions, an art exhibit, film screenings and a showcase of oral histories are among the programs the Library is offering.   More information may be found here


Come Out and See the Coolest "Kids" in School-Branahm High School's very own Faculty in the Musical GREASE 

Dates: November 13, 14, and 15

Time: 7:00pm

Loation: Branham High School 1570 Branham Lane San Jose

Tickets $15.00 at the door

 A Holiday Shopping Spree at Target Benefiting the Families of Sunday Friends

Bring your friends and family members - plus $10-$100 (or more) each

Date: Friday, November 14 and/or Friday, November 21

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Locations: choose from 2 Target locations (for either / both dates):

    • Cupertino Target, 20745 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino
    • Hillsdale Target, 1811  Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose

Here's how the Shopping Spree works: 

  • We meet at the front of  the store
  • We divide into shopping teams and we divide up the money collected
  • We assign each team a "mission" (girls' toys, teens' gifts, dads' gifts, etc.)
  • Each team searches the store for the best gifts
  • We meet back at the registers to check out together and award prizes

Prizes are awarded for:

  • Best Bargain
  • Most Creative
  • Most Adorable

Why this is important: The gifts we gather at our Spree will make it possible for children and parents to earn, select and gift wrap presents for their loved ones in Sunday Friends' holiday programs. Join us to give the gift of giving this holiday season.

Please Participate  Sign up now! You can sign up yourself, your family or your group.

If you can't make it, you can still contribute. 100% will go to the shopping, with zero overhead.

Or, If you are interested in sponsoring the event, see how you can become a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze sponsor. We will publicize your company/name on our website and at the event.

We hope you will join us. If you have questions, email Thanks!

Meet the Our City Forest AmeriCorps Members 

Please join Our City Forest on November 20 in welcoming our 2014-2015 AmeriCorps service team to the San Jose community! 

Traveling from around the U.S. to San Jose, our OCF AmeriCorps members have committed to a year of community service creating a greener and healthier community for all. 

Come out on Thursday, November 20 to meet the new team, thank them for their outstanding service, and learn about upcoming OCF events and projects. You can also reserve your holiday rent-a-tree while supplies last!

Refreshments will be provided.

Date: Thursday, November 20

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Rose Garden Public Library, Community Room 1580 Naglee Ave. San Jose

NOTE: Please do not park in the library parking lot as it closes at 7:00pm. Free street parking is available directly outside the library on Dana Ave.

Please contact Vanessa at or at (408) 998-7337, ext. 125 with questions and for more information.  






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